Set up a patient's appointment schedule in IDEAS

Salve will automatically pick up on the appointments scheduled for a patient as recorded in IDEAS. This article will show you how to ensure that the information will be shown properly for patients in the Salve app.

Adding in appointments

  1. To book an appointment for a patient, start by visiting the patient's profile.
  2. Once the patient is selected, click on Appointments overview in the Folders panel to the left. Then, click on the New... button near the top of the screen to add a new appointment.
  3. Fill in the DateTime and Duration fields, then choose a Procedure for the appointment from the drop-down below. When you're finished, click the OK button, then the Save button near the top of the screen.

    Keep in mind that the date, time, and name of the procedure will all be visible to the patient in their Salve app.
  4. The new appointment will be visible in the patient's Salve app after a few minutes.
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