Amending appointment settings

This feature requires admin access permission

You can amend an appointment's settings by going to Admin > Appointments > [Appointment type name].

Show in Salve

When this is on, the appointment type will be shown in:

  • Portal > Content > Appointments
  • Patient profiles, in their calendar when booked in the EMR

Always hidden

When this is on, appointments of this type will be hidden from patients in their appointment schedules in the app.

Provisional until

When this is set, an appointment will be shown as 'provisional' in a patient's app and the time will be hidden until a set time before the appointment is scheduled to take place.

To set this:

  • Mark the 'yes' radio button
  • Enter the amount of time you'd like booked appointments of this type to be provisional until, e.g. 15 hours
  • Save

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