How do I view SIDE recipes and actions?

This feature requires admin permissions

You can now view your clinic's SIDE recipes and actions via the admin panel in the portal.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Viewing SIDE recipes
  2. Searching SIDE recipes
  3. Filtering SIDE recipes
  4. Viewing SIDE recipe settings
  5. Viewing SIDE actions

Viewing SIDE recipes

Click on Admin in the sidebar menu, then SIDE

You will then be able to see a list of your clinic's SIDE recipes:

This SIDE recipe table will contain the following details:

  • Recipe ID number
  • Recipe name
  • Actions applied
  • Event type
  • Status (active/inactive)
  • Created on (date)
  • Last updated on (date)
  • Last updated by (staff name)

Searching SIDE recipes

You can search for SIDE recipes by typing in recipe names into the search bar at the top of the panel

To clear your search query, click on the X in the search bar.

Filtering SIDE recipes 

To view a filtered list of your SIDE recipes, click on the +Add Filter button

You can filter by one or more:

  • event types
  • statuses

Once you have selected your chosen filters click Apply to bring up the filter results in the SIDE recipe table

To remove these filters you will need to click on X in the chips with that display the filters

Viewing SIDE recipe settings

To view a recipe's current settings, click on a recipe from the recipes table.

At the top of the panel you will be able to see the SIDE recipe name and ID number

The settings panel is collapsed by default. Just click on it to bring up the full view of the settings

From here you will be able to see:

  • SIDE recipe name
  • recipe status (active/inactive)
  • affected appointment/medication types (depending on the type of recipe you're viewing.

Viewing SIDE actions

If you click on a recipe in the recipe table, you will be taken through to its details screen where you can see its applied actions (if applicable) in a panel below settings. 

In this panel you will be able to see a table containing:

  • action ID number
  • content preview
  • action type
  • timing
  • appointment/medication/onboarding status
  • site (if applicable) 
  • action status 
  • created on (date)
  • last updated on (date)
  • last updated by (clinic staff member) 

To view the full content of a SIDE action, hover your cursor over the content preview to bring up a tool tip

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