How patients use EngagedMD in Salve

Important: Your clinic needs to have EngagedMD enabled as part of your Salve implementation for patients to be able to use this.

EngagedMD via the Salve app

While logged into the app, patients will need to tap on the ㆔ menu to see the EngagedMD option.

So long as the clinic has created the patient's EngagedMD account associated with their Salve email address, all patients need to do is tap on EngagedMD to automatically sign them into their account. Please note that patients' Salve registered and EngagedMD registerd email will need to match exactly, including any case sensitivities.

EngagedMD via the Salve Patient Web Portal

The EngagedMD feature of Salve can also be accessed via our Patient Web Portal.

Patients will need to go to via any browser and log in with their existing Salve account details.

Once they have logged in, they will just need to click on the EngagedMD option in the side navigation bar to be automatically signed in.


If patients experience any issues with their EngagedMD account, they can reach out to EngagedMD directly via the chat bubble within their account (shown above in the bottom-right corner).

If patients are reporting any technical issues with the Salve platform, please ask them contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

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