What is the Salve patient web portal?

The Salve patient web portal offers patients certain Salve features that can be accessed via any browser on any device or computer by navigating to: patientwebportal.salvehealth.com

While the app remains the most direct and convenient way for patients to contact the clinic and be kept up to date with apppointments and treatment plan, we created the patient web portal so that patients can perform certain actions that just don't lend themselves well to mobile devices and smaller screens  – like sending and downloading documents, filling in forms, and using EngagedMD.

How do patients access the patient web portal?

Patients will be made aware of the web portal through the welcome email they receive when creating an account.

Once in the Salve app, patients will be able to find the URL to the patient web portal by navigating to the ㆔ menu and tapping on the Salve patient web portal option, wherein they can save, copy and share the URL.

This URL can also be found in the Documents, Forms and EngagedMD sections of the app via a desktop icon, so long as these features are part of the clinic's Salve set up.

Patients can log in to the patient web portal using their existing credentials, or create an account if they don't yet have one. Once a patient is logged in, the portal will adopt your clinic's brand colours and logo, and patients will have access to certain features depending on your clinic's current Salve configuration.

What's included?

Depending on your clinic's Salve implementation, your patients may have access to the following features:

  • Viewing sent and received documents
  • File uploader
  • Forms
  • EngagedMD (coming soon)

Documents and file uploader

Patients can view and download their sent and received documents in the web portal by going to Documents. From the documents section of the web portal, patients will be able to send files to you via the Add + button. For clinics, this will be the same as when patients send you attachments via message – the files they send will appear in their record in your EMR and a conversation will be created in the clinic portal.


Any forms that have been assigned to patients will now also appear in the Salve patient web portal for them to start, complete, and submit. They will also be able to view any previously submitted forms.


Patients will be able to access their EngagedMD account to complete their educational modules and/or consents via the Salve patient web portal.

You can read more about the patient web portal over on our patient knowledge base.

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