How do I save, update or remove my password in Google Chrome?

⚠️Please note that this article is not about changing your actual Salve portal password, just the password Chrome is remembering for you. If you've forgotten or don't know your portal password, contact us at

How do I save a password in Google Chrome?

When entering your username and password for the first time, Chrome will ask you if you'd like to save the login details you've just entered. A little pop-up will appear below the right of the address bar. Click the blue save button to let Chrome remember your login details.

How do I update a password in Google Chrome?

If for some reason Chrome is remembering the wrong password for you, you can easily edit it to let Chrome remember the right one. At the portal login page, type in the password you want to update to and before you click login, click on the key 🗝 icon the address bar in the top right. Next to the password field in the pop-up, click on the eye 👁icon to view the password you want to update to and make any further edits if needed. Once you're happy, click the blue Update Password button. Chrome will now remember the newly edited password.

How do I delete my password from Google Chrome?

If you want to completely remove your password from Chrome and start from scratch, while logged into the portal click on the key 🗝icon in the address bar, then click the rubbish bin 🗑next to the login details, and finally click OK to close the pop-up.

Alternatively, click on the avatar in the top right corner of the browser (next to the three dots), then click on 🗝Passwords. From this screen, you'll be able to see all the login details Chrome remembers for you. If you have lots of saved passwords, you can use the search function in the top right. Next to the details you want to remove, click the three dots, then click Remove.

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