How do I share documents with a patient?

Start by searching for the patient with whom you want to share documents: 

  1. At the top of the Salve Clinic Portal, click on the search bar.
  2. Type in a patient's ID, first name or surname. A drop-down will appear with results matching your search criteria.
  3. Click on a patient listed in the drop-down to open their profile.
  4. Click on Patient Documents to the left of the new screen in the profile navigation column.
  5. You will now see two columns: Available Content, and Content For [Patient Name].
    1. Available Content shows shareable documents that have already been uploaded.
    2. Content For [Patient Name] shows documents this particular patient has already been sent and can currently see in their Salve app.
  6. In the Available Content column, select any documents you'd like to share with this particular patient by clicking on it. They will automatically move over to the Content For [Patient Name] column.
  7. If you want to remove any documents shared with a patient, click on it in the Content For [Patient Name] column. They will then be moved back into the Available Content column and no visible in the patient's Salve app.

Upload a new document

  1. Click on the Upload Patient File button at the bottom of the Available Content column. A window to upload the attachment will appear.
  2. Give the file a document title which patients will see in the Salve app.
  3. Click on the Choose File button to choose a file from your computer. 
  4. Click on the Upload File button to add the document to the Available Content column.
  5. When the file has been uploaded to the site and is available to share, it will show in the Available Content column

If you want to remove a document from the list of Available Content:

  1. Click on the bin icon to the left of the document name.
  2. Click on the Confirm button to confirm its deletion.

You can download any document from the list of Available Content by clicking on the cloud-shaped download icon to the right of the document's name.

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