Getting the portal set up and ready for patients

This article is a guideline on what is needed to get a Salve Portal ready for patients. A member of the Salve team will take you through this as part of your onboarding process before going live.

Educational content for patients in-app

Content is what patients can see in the app in the ‘information’ section. It is also linked automatically to whatever appointments and medications they are assigned during treatment.

It is likely you already have a lot of this content in existing documents you give to patients when they start treatment, or on your website. It’s just a case of bringing that information into the Salve Portal.

Articles on how to use the portal content feature can be found here: how to create and edit patient content


  • Appointments used in all patient pathways
    • How to prepare
      • What to do and/or avoid before the appointment
      • What to bring with them
    • What to expect during the appointment or procedure
      • What will take place during
      • How long it will take
    • What to expect after the appointment or procedure
      • Will they need time off work?
      • Will they need someone to collect them after the appointment?
      • Will there be any lasting discomfort?
      • Will they need to take any additional medication after?
      • Are there any serious side effects that might occur that they should alert clinic staff of?
  • Medications used in all patient pathways
    NB: we have baseline content for a lot of medications already. First, let us know which medications you want to be populated with content and we'll see what we have for you to use.
    • What the medication is used for
    • How to administer it
      • This is a good opportunity to utilise the YouTube functionality for content if you have videos on how to perform injections etc. You can also use the drug manufacturer’s videos if they have any.
    • How to discard it
    • Side effects
      • Usually, the drug manufacturer will have these on their websites – in which case you can just copy and paste.


  • Any additional treatment guidance
  • Clinic information
  • Clinic staff profiles
  • Directions to the clinic(s) and contact information
  • Pricing list(s)
  • Travel and health warnings e.g., Zika, COVID-19


Salve need to know a few things from you to get this up and running:


Folders appear as message types/categories for patients in the app e.g. Nursing, Admin, Finance.

From the clinic-side, it allows you to ‘triage’ messages so that the appropriate team can answer patient enquiries.

Please let us know what folders you would like in the portal.

Operating hours

What days and hours will clinic staff be available to answer patient enquiries? We need to know this so that when patients send messages out of hours, their expectations can be handled with an auto-reply.

Out of hours auto-reply

What would you like it to say? 

Here is an example:
The clinic chat service is manned Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm, and 10am to 4pm on weekends. Someone will reply to your message as soon as they can.

If this is an emergency, please call the out of hours phone number or the emergency services.

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