Why is my patient's account not syncing?

This article mainly applies to IDEAS-using clinics. If your clinic does not use IDEAS, please email us at hello@salveapp.co.uk.

These are the most common reasons patients get stuck on the Syncing your data screen in the app.

  1. Their email can be found in more than one patient record
    This is usually in their partner's patient record, or a duplicate patient record. Salve requires all patients to have a unique email address as it's how we know whose treatment information to sync. Once their email address exists only in one patient record, their Salve account will sync automatically within a few minutes.
  2. The date of birth they entered in the app doesn't match what you have
    If the error is on the clinic-side, once you correct it their account will sync within a few minutes. If the error is on their side, please email us at hello@salveapp.co.uk and we'll amend it.
  3. They signed up with an email address different from what you have
    When a patient does this, we're not able to locate their patient record and sync with anything. You can either amend the email address you have on file to the one they used, or ask them to create a new account using the correct email.

If the above doesn't help, please email us at hello@salveapp.co.uk with the patient's email address and a description of the problem, and we'll help ASAP.

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