Why can't my patient log in/sign up?

If one of your patients is having trouble either signing up or logging in, there are some troubleshooting steps you can go through.

Signup issues

These are the most common reasons we see for patients not able to sign up:

  1. Email address can be found in more than one patient record
    If their partner has the same email address as them, or they have a duplicate patient record, they'll receive a "something went wrong" error in the app. Once the duplicate email is removed, they can try again and it should be fine.
  2. Tried to sign up with an email address different to what you have on file
    The email address they use to sign up has to be exactly the same as what you have in their patient record, as it's how Salve can find their treatment information. A different email address could also include them using @gmail.com vs @googlemail.com. If they create a new account with the right email, or you update their record with the email they used, it should be fine.
  3. Already registered with another clinic
    If they were previously receiving treatment at another Salve clinic, we will need to reset them so they can sign up again with you instead. Please email us at hello@salveapp.co.uk to get this sorted

Login issues

These are the most common reasons we see for patients not able to log in:

  1. They're using the wrong password
    Please ask them to reset their password via the app on the login screen
  2. The network they're using is blocking access
    Some work networks and home internet service providers may have restrictions in place that stop Salve from connecting. Please ask them to try switching networks.
  3. They haven't yet created their account
    Some patients think the clinic invite code is actually a password and try to log in instead of sign up. If you can't see their profile in your Salve Portal, it probably means they haven't created their account yet. Please ask them to tap the Create an account button on the login screen and proceed with the on-screen instructions.
  4. They have an old Salve account
    If the patient signed up in 2020 or before, it's likely that their account is old and not compatible with the newer version of Salve. If they create their account again, they'll be let in and sync back up with their old account.
  5. They've changed their phone number
    Even if you've updated their phone number in your EMR, we at Salve need to update their phone number on our side as well. Please email us at hello@salveapp.co.uk stating the patient's registered email address and new phone number, and we'll update it for them so they can log in again
  6. They've changed their email address
    Even if you've updated their email address in your EMR, we at Salve will need to reset their account so they can sign up again and resync with their account. Please email us at hello@salveapp.co.uk stating the patient's previous email address so we can find their account and reset it.

If the above doesn't help, please send us an email at hello@salveapp.co.uk. In your message, please give us the patient's email address, their patient ID and a description of the problem. That will help us get to the bottom of it more quickly.

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