Getting patients set up and using Salve

Basic setup steps

  1. Create a new patient in your clinic software. Please ensure that their email address is unique to them and not shared on any other patient record (e.g. their partner). See below for some extra information on how details should be entered.
  2. Hand the patient a Salve leaflet (or send them a welcome email) which will include your clinic's invitation code. Your patient will need to enter this code in the app to complete the setup process.
  3. Set up their appointments and medications in your EMR for the patient to get complete visibility of their treatment plan in the app.

More about required patient details

The following details are required when setting up a patient in your clinic's EMR. All of these details will be entered into the app by the patient when they first log in, so please ensure what's in your EMR matches the details the patient has given you.

  • Email address
    This must be unique and not shared with their partner in the EMR. If the patient and partner are both set up in your clinic's EMR with the same email address, neither of them will be able to complete the signup process and log in to the Salve app.

    A verification code will also be sent to this email address when the patient creates their account in Salve.
  • Mobile phone number
    This can be a shared number with a partner if they wish. Salve will send a verification code to this number when the patient first signs in to the app, so the phone number needs to be valid and correct.

    They will also receive a verification code to this number if:
    • The patient gets a new mobile phone or device
    • The patient deletes Salve from their phone and then downloads it again
    • The patient puts Salve on more than one device (e.g. phone + tablet)
    • They need to reset their password
  • Date of birth
    The patient will need to enter their DOB into the app when they first starting using it, so double-check with them that what you've got in your EMR is accurate. They won't be able to log in if the DOB they enter doesn't match what's in the EMR.

If your clinic uses MedITEX, click here for a more detailed patient setup guide.

If your clinic uses IDEAS, click here for a more detailed patient setup guide.

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