Adding additional medications to a treatment cycle in IDEAS

This article will take you through how to add additional medications to a patient's existing treatment cycle.

As with the initial setup of a treatment cycle, drugs and procedures should always be added via a treatment module.

  1. Within the patient's record, click on treatment cycles in the list of folders
  2. In the intended treatment tab, under treatment plan usage choose 'use treatment plan', then click on the three dots
  3. Click yes in the pop-up dialogue box
  4. In the insert plan dialogue box, choose Treatment module at the top then choose the phase, treatment module and date from which you want the drugs to be inserted.
  5. ❗️In the treatment module dropdown, be sure to choose a module that has a prefix of (Salve) or (S) e.g. "(Salve) IVF luteal support 1". These have been vetted for accuracy. Click Save.
  6. Go to the plan details tab to check that the medication has been inserted correctly
  7. You can also add drugs and protocols from the plan details tab by clicking the insert plan button and following the same steps in points 4 and 5
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