Extending medications in a treatment cycle in IDEAS

From the Plan details tab click on the Edit treatment plan button at the bottom of the tab.

A window will appear to edit the treatment plan. To extend the medication:

  1. ⚠️ You need to first right-click on the last cell of the medication you wish to change, click on edit, and double-check that it has the correct time against it. The columns are not always in chronological order, so you need to check each cell to make sure they're the time you're expecting to extend.
  2. Once you've checked that the last cell of the medication is for the correct time, right-click in the empty cell for the date you want to extend up to
  3. A window will appear showing all the possible actions at the top left corner of the Edit treatment plan window, as shown below. Disabled actions will be greyed-out
    • To extend the medication intake period until the date chosen on step 2, click on Repeat until here.
  4. After making your amendments click on the Plan details tab to see the full plan and double-check everything looks accurate (drugs, dosages, date & times)
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