Set up a patient's treatment cycle in IDEAS

Salve automatically syncs with IDEAS to find a patient's medications and then shows them in the app.

❗️ Medications should be entered into a patient's treatment cycle via Salve treatment modules or Salve treatment plans only❗️
This is for both full protocols and individual instances of drugs. If drugs are not added via treatment modules, there is a high chance they will be displayed incorrectly to the patient.

Start a treatment cycle and assign a treatment plan via treatment modules

  1. Within a patient's file, click on Treatment cycles in the folders panel to the left, then click on the New... button above to add a new treatment cycle:

  2. A window will appear to choose between a treatment cycle or an application. Click on Treatment cycle.
  3. A row for the newly added cycle will appear in the second panel to the right. The panel right below will show the Intended treatment tab.

    1. In the Treatment details, fill in the required details such as treatment type, doctor, estimated start of treatment date, etc.
    2. From the treatment plan usage drop-down to the right, choose Use treatment plan.
    3. Click on the '...' button that will have appeared to the right of the dropdown. 
    4. A window will open for inserting a treatment plan. Click the Treatment module button at the top, then from the dropdowns below select a Phase (usually stimulation or luteal) and a Treatment module

      ❗️When picking a treatment module, please choose one with the prefix of (SALVE) e.g. "(SALVE) FTET". This ensures all the medications have a timing assigned to them and will tell the patient exactly when to take.

      Type in a start date, then click Save to insert the plan.
  4. Once the plan has been inserted, the Plan details tab will be populated automatically.

    ❗️Double-check this tab to ensure each medication has a time against it. If there's no time, it won't show up in the Salve app properly.

  5. In the Treatment plan tab, make sure you set the date for the Start of follicular phase (LMP). Choose a date, then click on Set date. The status of the treatment in the patient's file will then change from Pre-treatment to In treatment:
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