How to book a video call appointment

There are two ways a video call appointment can be booked:

  1. Automatically via specially selected video call appointment types in your EMR
  2. Manually booking them in in your Salve portal

Automatic booking via EMR

Salve can automatically convert dedicated appointment types booked in your EMR to Salve video call appointments. For example, you could have an appointment type called Follow-up consultation (video) and Salve would recognise that every time is booked into the scheduler in your EMR to convert it to a Salve video call in the portal.

Important to note: these appointment types must be dedicated for Salve video call use.

You can tell which video calls are booked via the EMR by the 🔒  icon next to them in the portal:

Your management team may have already set up certain appointment types for this use. Please get in touch with them if you're unsure.

Manual booking via Salve portal

On the video calls screen, click the Create video call button

  1. Enter the details of the call in the pop-up:
    1. Patient (search by name or ID)
    2. Host i.e. name of staff member conducting the call
    3. Description e.g. Follow up consultation
    4. Date
    5. Start time (you can switch between 12H and 24H clock modes)
    6. Duration of call
  2. Click the Create button

You'll now be able to see the newly booked call in the list of upcoming calls.

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