How do I manage what content a patient can see?

  1. Search for the patient you want to view
  2. Click on Manage Content in the left navigation of the patient's profile
  3. You will now see three columns of information: 
    1. Content Type includes content categories that range from directions on how to get to your clinic, to treatment schedules, to advice on how to prepare for certain types of appointments.
    2. Available Content shows different content articles in a category that you can share with patients.
    3. Content For [Patient Name] shows the content this particular patient can currently see in their Salve app.
  4. Click on one of the Content Types to view the documents available for that category.
  5. In the Available Content column, move any content you'd like to make visible for this particular patient by clicking on it. It will automatically move over to the Content For [Patient Name] column.
  6. If you want to remove any content for a patient, click on it in the Content For [Patient Name] column. It will then be moved back into the Available Content column.
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