How do I create new content?

In the portal's sidebar menu, click on Content, then navigate to the folder where you want to add the new content.

If you need to make a new folder as well, click here for instructions.

Once you're inside the correct folder, click the Add Item button in the top-right. You can then Create Rich Content with a text editor or Use a Document by uploading the file to the site.

Create Rich Content

Click on the Create Rich Content button to write in content by hand, add videos and images, etc. You can then populate the different fields with your content, and add different sections or video. Once you're finished, click Publish to make your new content live.

Note: When adding images to sections, please make sure that the image is not a .PDF file.
If you want to use a PDF file, please convert it to an image file (e.g. JPEG) before uploading the file to the content section.

You can also click on the Use Template button below the Subtitle field to re-use a predefined structure or add pre-defined sections to your content.

Upload a document

Click on the Use a Document button to upload a PDF or Word document instead. This is useful for things like price lists and remittance advice. Write in a title, a subtitle, then click the Add File button to upload a file from your computer. Once your attachment has been uploaded, click Publish to make your new content live.

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