How do I export SIDE recipes and actions?

This feature requires admin permissions

To export your SIDE recipes and their associated actions in CSV format: 

  1. navigate to the Admin section of the portal and click SIDE
  2. click on the Export CSV button at the top of the page
  3. then click Download in the pop up
  4. a CSV file will then be generated and downloaded to your computer

If you click on Export CSV by mistake, click Cancel to stop the CSV from being generated.

The CSV file will contain the following columns:

  • action ID number
  • side recipe ID number
  • clinic name
  • recipe name
  • recipe status
  • action status
  • event type (appointment/medication/onboarding)
  • events (appointment/medication/onboarding)
  • period (e.g. number of minutes)
  • period name (day/hour/minute)
  • before (true/false e.g. before )
  • side appointment status  (e.g. booked/attended/cancelled/not set)
  • appointment status
  • action type (e.g. message/content pack)
  • content (message)
  • site name (clinic location, if applicable)
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