Set up a patient's medications in MedITEX

Salve will automatically pick up on patient's medications as they've been set up by you in MedITEX, so it's important to ensure that the information will be shown properly for patients in the Salve app.

Start a new treatment cycle

If your patient already has a current cycle started in MedITEX, skip this section and go down to Adding medication to a patient's treatment cycle.

  1. While viewing a patient's record, click on the + button at the bottom of the Overview panel:

  2. Enter in the patient's treatment type, reason for treatment, date of last menstruation period and main indication, then click OK to create the cycle:

  3. The treatment cycle will now have been added to the patient's record and its overview will open, allowing you to add in medications:

Adding medication to a patient's treatment cycle

  1. Click the + button above the treatment cycle's medications list to open the New medication window:

  2. Fill in the following fields:

    1. Drug, time and daily dosage. They are all shown in the patient's Salve app. If a drug is not given a time, then it will be shown in Salve at the top of the given date(s), but the patient may not know when to take it. It's best practice to enter every drug with a time to ensure the patient will take their medication properly and to avoid any confusion on their end.
    2. Start, x days all determine when the patient should take the prescribed medication e.g.: Starting on 02/09/2019, take for 14 days
    3. ⚠️Do not use the frequency dosage field ⚠️ If a patient is to take a certain drug more than once per day, the drugs should be added in one by one for the different take times, e.g.: one entry for 08:30 and one entry for 18:30.
  3. Once you click on OK, you'll be able to see each medication as a horizontal line on the patient's treatment cycle, like so:

  4. The medication will be visible in the patient's Salve app within a few minutes.

Removing medication from a patient's treatment cycle

  1. Click the - button above the treatment cycle's medications list to open the Drugs window:
  2. In the Drugs window, click on the drug you want to remove (it will become highlighted in blue), then click the - button in the bottom left corner:
  3. Click Yes in the pop-up window to confirm you want to delete the drug.

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