How to set up a patient in MedITEX

If your clinic uses MedITEX, here's how to get patients set up and using the Salve app.

  1. Create a new patient in MedITEX as you normally would, making sure you fill in all the required fields.

    Check the new patient's demographic information. In the  Private details tab, verify that the coloured fields shown below (First name, Surname, Date of birth) are not left blank.

  2. Add in their contact information in the Contact / Occupation details tab. Enter their email address and mobile number in either Contact details or Occupation detail. Please keep in mind that a mobile phone number is required to sign up to Salve as patients will be sent an SMS code to verify their identity.

  3. Hand the patient a Salve leaflet which will have your clinic's invitation code printed on it. Your patient will need to enter this code in the app to complete the setup process. The leaflet also has some details on how to download the app onto their phone.
  4. Set up their appointments and medications for the patient to get complete visibility of their treatment plan in the app.
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