Set up a patient's appointment schedule in MedITEX

Salve will automatically pick up on the appointments scheduled for a patient as recorded in MedITEX Scheduler. This article will show you how to ensure that the information will be shown properly for patients in the Salve app.

Adding in appointments

  1. Appointments should be booked using MedITEX Scheduler. To open it and schedule appointments for a patient, click on the Scheduler button while a patient's record is open:
  2. When Scheduler opens you will see an hourly calendar for the date selected in the main panel. Each column represents a resource, such as a room where an appointment will take place. Any existing appointments will also be shown in the calendar so that you won't double-book any resources.

  3. Double-click on any free slot in the hourly calendar under the resource (room) you want to use. This window will open:Choose a Treatment from the second drop-down. The time and date will be automatically populated from where you clicked on the calendar, but double-check them just to make sure.
  4. Click on the Save button in the bottom right corner to book the appointment. The appointment will be visible to the patient in their Salve app after a few minutes.

Configuring available treatments/appointments

You can configure which treatments are visible in the clinic's Salve portal and the patient Salve app via MedITEX's appointment settings. 

  1. To check appointment settings, click on System > Settings in the menu bar. In the Treatments tab of the Settings window, you can see the setting for each of the available treatments.
  2. If the column Active is unchecked for a particular treatment, that treatment will be hidden and it will not be possible to book appointments for that treatment.
  3. If the column  App. not displayed in web portal is unchecked for a particular treatment, that treatment will be visible to the clinic staff but not visible to patients in the Salve app. This is useful for when clinic staff might decide to have internal events or reminders associated with appointments for certain treatments.
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