How do I add content to packs?

NB: If you don't know what a content pack is, click here to learn about them.

  1. In the portal's sidebar menu, click on Content
  2. Look for the content you want to add to a pack (or multiple packs). Click Folders in the left-hand column to navigate through all the different available content.Tick the checkboxes to the left of any content you want to add. 
  3. Once you've made your selection(s), click on the Add to Pack button in the Actions bar at the top. A window to select the destination pack(s) will appear.

    In the Content Title section at the top, you can manage the content to be added. You can remove any of the previously selected items by clicking on the x at the right end of the row with the name of the content.

  1. In the Select Content Packs section at the bottom, tick the checkboxes to the left of any packs you want to add to.
  2. Click on Save to confirm the addition to the selected pack(s).
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