Unlink a partner from a patient in MedITEX

With Salve, partners of patients undergoing treatment can also get involved with their own Salve account - of course, with the patient's permission. You can read more about how that works by clicking here

But sometimes the patient may wish to rescind a partner's access to their treatment information, perhaps due to separation or other personal reasons. You can quickly and easily do this by removing their relationship within MedITEX. The partner will still have their own 'patient' record with your clinic, but it will no longer be linked to the patient.

Remove a partner from a patient

  1. Open the patient's record
  2. Click on the Demographics button under their patient ID
  3. Click on the Partnership button in the top menu bar
  4. In the new window that opens, click on the Remove current partner button under the partner's information
  5. Confirm Yes in the pop-up box

Within a couple of minutes, this action will sync with Salve and the partner will no longer be able to see the patient's information.

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