Inviting users to the portal

Important: To view this section and perform actions you will need to be granted User Admin permissions. If you need this, please ask a member of your clinic's management to make a request on your behalf to

From the Users section of the admin panel, you can invite staff members to the clinic portal. To invite an inactive staff member, please click on the 3 dots to the right of the staff member’s information to bring up the Invite user menu option.

Clicking on Invite user will bring up a modal with the staff member’s information and a welcome message containing the portal URL and information about how to access the portal. 

You can amend the pre-populated welcome message, but we recommend you don't remove the portal URL or information about when the temporary password will expire for new users.

When you are ready to invite the staff member to the portal, please click on the Send button. This will send the staff member the welcome message email and a separate email containing their username and temporary password (if they haven’t already set up their Salve account in a different portal). 

Having issues?

If you experience any issues in the Users section of the Admin panel, please get in touch with us at

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