How do I use templates?

NB: You should already have at least one template set up in order to follow this guide. To learn how to create a template, click here.

You can use templates when creating new content, to make populating information more streamlined.
  1. In the portal's sidebar menu, click on Content
  2. Click on the folder where you'd like to place the new content

    You can also create a new folder and instead add the content there.
  3. Once you're in the correct folder, click on the Add item button in the top right.
  1. Click on Create Rich Content.
  2. Click on the Use Template button below the Subtitle field. A window to choose a template will appear.
  3. Choose a Template from the drop-down list.

  1. Select how you want to use a template:
  2. Click on Add Template Sections to the Bottom if you want to keep the sections you have added.
  3. Click on Replace sections with New Template to use the template as it is. This will remove all the sections you have added.
  4. Continue working as usual to add new content and when you're finished click on Publish in the bottom right to make the new content live.
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