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Example use case

A good use case of linked content is medications. For instance, Buserelin has multiple brand names (Suprefact, Suprefact Depot, Suprecur, Bigonist, Bucel, Buserecur, Fuset, Metrelef, Profact, Profact Depot, Supremon, Zerelin) but the medication is still the same. 

Instead of needing to duplicate the content multiple times for all the different brand names, you can make Buserelin the "parent" with the other brand names as "children". The children will have the parent's content applied to them, meaning that no matter what brand name the patient is prescribed they will get the same content as all the other names.

Another useful aspect of linked content is that if, in this example, you wanted to amend the information about Buserelin, you would only need to do it once within the parent and any changes made would be automatically applied to its children.

Linked content: when content becomes a little family 🦆🐥

Take a look at the articles shown below to learn how to set up some linked content.

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