How do I link content?

If you don't know what linked content is, you can have a quick read about it here.
Linking content together is useful if you have multiple entries for the same drug and the administration instructions and side effects etc. are all the same. You can make one drug entry the 'parent' piece of content, then link the other entries to that one so that the same information is shown for all. This way you don't have to fill in the information for each one.

  1. In the portal's sidebar menu, click on Content
  2. Open the Folders label and click on the folder with the content you want to link together.Click on the checkboxes to the left of any content you want to link together. These pieces of content will become the children of the parent you'll pick in the next steps, so at this stage don't put a check next to the parent you want to make - only the children. You can pick as many or as few children as you need.
  3. Once you've made your selection(s), click on the Link Items button in the Actions bar at the top. A window to Choose the parent content will appear.
  4. Choose a parent from the list on the right. To find a parent you can perform a search in the parent column by clicking on Filter Content and typing the name of the parent content.
  5. Click on Save to confirm the link between content items. Any children will now automatically show its parent's content.

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